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I candy bar a day you say? Make it Hershey’s and it’s a done deal

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1.  What book could you read over and over again? Not one for reading books

2. What is your favourite beverage? Mine is Sarsi, or root beer - both

3. Song that was stuck in your head most recently?Zhu -Faded

4. What is your opinion on he hobbit/ if you haven’t seen any of the trilogy what is your opinion on the new Star Wars trilogy with young anakin? I really like the Hobbit, it’s a great movie, although I dont have anyone to watch the next one with

5.Would you want to learn martial arts or do you already know some? It just aint my cup of tea

6.Cake, pie, or cookies?( or some other desert type meal) COOKIES 

7. Favorite eye colt and reason? I did not understand this… sorry :( 

8. what is your dream vehicle? Dodge Viper SRT, or BMW M3 (More chance that I’ll get one of these)

9.Western dragon ex.knights and kidnapped princesses or eastern dragons ex. Haku from spirited away? What about a what?

10.If you could live anywhere or time when/where would it be?I quite like the present

11.What instrument would you play if you could play any in the world? Guitar, so I can play Bruno Mars songs

so your questions are *drum roll* 

1. what is your current thought on the world cup? If people were as focused and enthusiastic about FIFA when encountering world problems it’d solve a lot

2. Last time you got a pimple and where did you get it? Two days ago, on my face

3. Have you ever wanted something really badly, never got it, and was later glad about that? I can’t think of any ATM

4. Would you rather be in a long distance relationship with the one you love entirely, or be with other people, in a short distance relationship? I’d rather be in a long distance relationship to the one I love, goodness I’m in one myself

5. Tell me about your last interaction with your family members. Moved furniture around

6. Do you ever compare yourself to a comic book character/cartoon character.. if so, who? 

I compare myself to beast boy, since you pointed that out, the resemblance in characteristics is uncanny

7. Do you love driving? 

About to take my learners test this wednesday goodness

8. Mcdonalds or KFC? I have McDonalds more

9. Have you ever tried to do the splits, and how did it work out? 

I tried it, my balls really hurt after

10. Do you like cereal? 

Yeah, it’s cool

11. After answering these questions, have you questioned my sanity or reasoning? 

No,I don’t really question either,


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You know star, I can’t help but feel that you’re listening to almost is never enough


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For my Star…

I’m sorry Star
That I had to leave
I never intended to
I’m sorry
I remember how your tumblr, was filled with posts of hope, love and simple appreciation for us
Now, I see posts of doubt, things that I could’ve done
I’m sorry, I give doubt to our plans, I want to be there, there’s nothing else I want more
Useless, it’s what I’m starting to be to you, I can’t give you what you want, but in time I’m gone give you more than you asked for, all those cuddles, hugs and those candle-lit dates
I’m gone give you that
We just have to wait Ella,
It’s just this one last obstacle
Mahal kita, best fucking friends for life